Montana Fly Fishing Guide - Float Trip


Raft Float Trips

Just about a week ago we had a warm weather spell in November. Rock Creek was on the rise and the green raft in the drive way was screaming at me.

It was still to early to float and fish but a nice float down the river would have been nice. Who knows I might not ever be able to float Rock Creek in November again in my life. Needless to say from the picture above, Smith River picture, I didn't pull the trigger and go.

Raft float trips don't just have to be for fishing. I think that was what stopped me. I'm so hung up on the fact that if you float down a river you have to fish. I could have took my camera. The very upper stretch of Rock Creek near Philipsburg is full of wildlife. My chances of some epic Moose photos would have been high.

We all have to remember that a guided fly fishing trip down the river is not all about the fishing. It is about the experience. A day outside in Montana is always full of great oppertunity for once in a lifetime experiences.