Montana Fly Fishing Guide - Dry Fly Fishing


Dry Fly Fishing in Montana

You don’t have to be a purist

I have done it way too much, I see it happening way too much, guide boat after guide boat chasing bobbers. I will let you in on a secret. When you are fishing nymphs under a bobber on the Missouri River the guide is doing more of the fishing than you are. That is to say, you cast it out, guide says mend, you mend then the guide makes the boat go the same speed as your junk. You will be required to set the hook, guide will be yelling set set! Even when you are fighting the fish the guide will be moving the boat to help you fight the fish making your odds of landing fish #27 even better, cause #25 wasn’t enough.


When your guide takes you to the dam boat launch for 3 days in a row, maybe it’s time to ask if you can learn how to dry fly fish. When your guide pulls out the extendable net, maybe its time to ask if you can dry fly fish and fight a fish on anchor. When your guide circulates the same run for the 10th time maybe you should ask if we can dry fly fish and see more of the river. I mean the good shit doesn’t hit until after sheep creek man.


How about testing your angling skills? Or learning new skills? Do you want to get better? Fish the dry fly. Your guide is going to have to do more than just row the boat at the right speed. You might learn how to fight a fish on anchor, much harder. You might learn how to reach cast setting down in your chair. You are going to learn how to get a good drift on anchor. You are going to have to hit every spot your guide tells you to hit, within inches and yes it matters. You are going to have to trust your guide’s fly selection. You are going to have to look at a beautiful dry fly all day instead of an orange bobber. You are going to see the fish eat your fly. You are going to have more fun. Will you catch more fish? Likely not but the fish you catch you will remember for much longer, you caught them on a dry fly with skill.


You don’t have to ask me twice, in fact you might have to ask me if you can learn to fish nymphs. My answer will likely be why would you want to do that? Fish the dry.

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