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A Fly Fishing Vacation in Montana

Netting another trout on the Missouri River

Netting another trout on the Missouri River

Fly Fishing Vacation in Montana

A few things to think about before your fly fishing vacation in Montana.  What is the best time of year?  I believe it is when you can get here.  We have great hatches from as early as April that last until October.  That should be your time frame.  I always say that the shoulder seasons are best as we have less traffic on the rivers.  Once you have the time of the year locked down you have to pick an Outfitter, not just a guide.  What outfitter is right for you?  My suggestion here is to get on the phone, I know this is old school, and talk to the outfitter.  Both you and the outfitter will benefit from being on the same page from day one.  Know what your objectives are and know how the outfitter will help you achieve these objectives.  For example if your idea of a great day on the water is catching fish, relaxing and taking in the whole experience then you may not want the "Drill Sergeant" guide for that day.  Finally who are you going to bring with you on your Montana fly fishing vacation?  For me this is an easy one.  Friends and family.  However you may also have the need or desire to bring a business contact, a future son-n-law or maybe even a co-worker.  As long as you both have the desire to enjoy a day on the water the decision is not going to be a bad one.  When you are ready to book your Montana fly fishing Vacation feel free to let me know.  To book a trip click here.  Fishing Vacation

A Fly Fishing Guide and Craig Montana

Launching a dirty boat in Craig, MT

Launching a dirty boat in Craig, MT


A Guide

Craig Montana is the Fly Fishing Capital of the World. If you want a guided fishing trip I'm sure most days an available guide is a stones throw from one of the three fly shops in town. Craig Montana has more drift boats than vehicles, animals, maybe even people. Beware the Fly Fishing Mecca of Craig Montana is a Black Hole too. Get here, buy your license and take the trip man.

Don't stay too long in Craig Montana. You could end up a fishing guide, shop rat, outfitter, bartender or maybe even a fish bum. What you won't be is rich but instead highly successful in your pursuit of fly fishing.

Come to Craig Montana to Fly Fish with Montana Drifter and have a trip you won't soon forget.

More to come on this idea in the future. Craig is a special place to my little family.