Fly Fish Bitterroot River


We love all the rivers Montana has to offer.  The Bitterroot river is one of those special rivers.  We love fishing the "Root" in the fall.  Great dry fly hatches and fewer people, sounds great. Fly fish the Bitterroot River with some of the most knowledgable guides in the business.  That's us.  Why the fall you ask?  Your chance to catch a brown trout of a lifetime is why.  Every year I hear stories of 26" plus browns in the Bitterroot River, I have seen a few too.  Fly Fish the Root with us!

A Fly Fishing Vacation in Montana

 Netting another trout on the Missouri River

Netting another trout on the Missouri River

A few things to think about before your fly fishing vacation in Montana.  What is the best time of year?  I believe it is when you can get here.  We have great hatches from as early as April that last until October.  That should be your time frame.  I always say that the shoulder seasons are best as we have less traffic on the rivers.  Once you have the time of the year locked down you have to pick an Outfitter, not just a guide.  What outfitter is right for you?  My suggestion here is to get on the phone, I know this is old school, and talk to the outfitter.  Both you and the outfitter will benefit from being on the same page from day one.  Know what your objectives are and know how the outfitter will help you achieve these objectives.  For example if your idea of a great day on the water is catching fish, relaxing and taking in the whole experience then you may not want the "Drill Sergeant" guide for that day.  Finally who are you going to bring with you on your Montana fly fishing vacation?  For me this is an easy one.  Friends and family.  However you may also have the need or desire to bring a business contact, a future son-n-law or maybe even a co-worker.  As long as you both have the desire to enjoy a day on the water the decision is not going to be a bad one.  When you are ready to book your Montana fly fishing Vacation feel free to let me know.  To book a trip click here.  Fishing Vacation

Fish of the Missouri River


Missouri River Trout

The fish of the Missouri River are some of my favorite fish to fly fish for.  Fly fishing from a drift boat for rising fish in Montana is what I live for.  The Missouri River trout seem to do this a little more than fish of other waters.  


That big brown trout sipping dry flies all by himself in the small side channel below Craig, MT.  I have fished to him a thousand times.  Well maybe about 20 times.  In my dreams, thousands of times I have casted a H&L Variant to this big bruiser brown trout.  That big Variant riding high, drag free and then it disappears.  The shit hits the fan.  I usually wake up.


The pod of rainbows feeding so crazy it looks like a rifle in the water.  I picture this happening just below the Gary Cooper Bridge.  Put the drift boat on sneak mode and move into position.  Cast downstream with a monster reach cast and hopefully pick a few off before the pod is put down.


Maybe my favorite is an afternoon spent throwing attractor flies to the banks.  This requires many different types of cast and loads of skill.  You are not casting to any particular fish, just fishy spots.  Then out of the blue you have an eat.  The hair on the back of your neck stands up and again the shit hits the fan.


Just setting at my house on a snowy December day and dreaming about the summer ahead.  Dry Flies and Good Times.  


Fly Fishing in Montana never gets old.

Montana Fly Fishing Guide - Float Trip


Raft Float Trips

Just about a week ago we had a warm weather spell in November.  Rock Creek was on the rise and the green raft in the drive way was screaming at me.  

It was still to early to float and fish but a nice float down the river would have been nice.  Who knows I might not ever be able to float Rock Creek in November again in my life.  Needless to say from the picture above, Smith River picture, I didn't pull the trigger and go.  

Raft float trips don't just have to be for fishing.  I think that was what stopped me.  I'm so hung up on the fact that if you float down a river you have to fish.  I could have took my camera.  The very upper stretch of Rock Creek near Philipsburg is full of wildlife.  My chances of some epic Moose photos would have been high.  

We all have to remember that a guided fly fishing trip down the river is not all about the fishing.  It is about the experience.  A day outside in Montana is always full of great oppertunity for once in a lifetime experiences.